Project Structure

There are many ways to configure embassy and its components for your exact application. The examples directory for each chipset demonstrates how your project structure should look. Let’s break it down:

The toplevel file structure of your project should look like this:

{} = Maybe

|- .cargo
|  |- config.toml
|- src
|  |-
|- Cargo.toml
|- {memory.x}
|- rust-toolchain.toml


This directory/file describes what platform you’re on, and configures probe-rs to deploy to your device.

Here is a minimal example:

[target.thumbv6m-none-eabi] # <-change for your platform
runner = 'probe-rs run --chip STM32F031K6Tx' # <- change for your chip

target = "thumbv6m-none-eabi" # <-change for your platform

DEFMT_LOG = "trace" # <- can change to info, warn, or error

This is the build script for your project. It links defmt (what is defmt?) and the memory.x file if needed. This file is pretty specific for each chipset, just copy and paste from the corresponding example.


This is your manifest file, where you can configure all of the embassy components to use the features you need.


  • tick-hz-x: Configures the tick rate of embassy-time. Higher tick rate means higher precision, and higher CPU wakes.

  • defmt-timestamp-uptime: defmt log entries will display the uptime in seconds.

…​more to come


This file outlines the flash/ram usage of your program. It is especially useful when using nrf-softdevice on an nRF5x.

Here is an example for using S140 with an nRF52840:

  /* NOTE 1 K = 1 KiBi = 1024 bytes */
  /* These values correspond to the NRF52840 with Softdevices S140 7.0.1 */
  FLASH : ORIGIN = 0x00027000, LENGTH = 868K
  RAM : ORIGIN = 0x20020000, LENGTH = 128K


This file configures the rust version and configuration to use.

A minimal example:

channel = "nightly-2023-08-19" # <- as of writing, this is the exact rust version embassy uses
components = [ "rust-src", "rustfmt" ] # <- optionally add "llvm-tools-preview" for some extra features like "cargo size"
targets = [
    "thumbv6m-none-eabi" # <-change for your platform